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System Q VDP404 DoorKnox Wireless Video Door Monitor


System Q




Wirefree Door Entry Camera Systems - a great bolt-on to any security system


  • Colour Camera with TrueBlack IR
  • 2 way Intercom
  • Video Motion Detection in Camera
  • 5V DC or Battery Powered
  • 50m Transmission Line of Sight
  • 4.3 inch Wirefree Screen
  • Works with Multiple Screens
  • Snapshot of last 100 Callers
  • Electronic/Magnetic Door Release
  • Frequency 2.4 GHz

The wirefree DoorKnox door entry system is a great bolt-on to any security system especially a home CCTV set-up.

Operating as a video doorbell with a 2 way intercom and handy “snapshot” recorder of visitors, the system requires no wiring, working on rechargeable battery cells. A 12V DC PSU is supplied with each part as an option too, which is handy for a more permanent installation.

With transmission distances up to 50M in clear line of sight and a working transmission frequency of 2.4 GHz, these units are suitable for use in most domestic and smaller commercial properties to add an extra dimension to a new or existing security system at little extra cost.

Available as a pair in kit form (Code VDP400), the doorbell camera and display screen can also be purchased separately as follows:

 Video Doorbell & Camera Unit (Part code: VDP301)

Perfect for use in porches or sheltered doorways, the video doorbell unit in an attractive silver finish has a rain hood to prevent water from settling on the camera lens as well as a name plate badge so that the occupant’s surname or the house/flat number can be added.

The colour camera produces live images whenever the doorbell is pressed that are transmitted to the display screen (or multiple screens) indoors. If the call remains unanswered for 5 seconds, the receiver/display screen records a snapshot of the caller that can be viewed at a later date. Up to 100 ‘mugshots’ are stored and eventually overwritten or can be manually deleted by the user.

The camera also has built in motion detection that can be operated so a snapshot is sent when movement is detected in the camera’s video signal, a useful feature if used on a building with a communal hall or entrance.

A ‘true black’ IR LED discretely operates at night to add extra illumination to late night callers so a visitor’s face is clear before you answer the door.

If suitable, the door camera has an output too that can be activated for opening an electronic or magnetic lock to allow visitors to enter. The occupier simply presses the ‘LOCK’ button on the monitor to do this, being a more permanent installation this does require the doorbell to be powered using the 12V DC PSU supplied.

 Video Display Screen  (Part code: VDP404)

Each Video Doorbell unit can be programmed to a number of these compact video display screens allowing you to have several dotted around your property for maximum convenience.

The display unit has a 4.3 inch colour screen that will display visitors and allow you to use the touch screen buttons to talk to them or even let them in when an electronic or magnetic door lock is connected.

This unit has a time & date stamp and stores the visitor snapshots for viewing at a later date.

A photo frame style bracket allows easy positioning of the screen on a shelf, desk or table top where the unit can be plugged in to charge or left for battery powering and easy mobility.

The user can choose from the 25 available ring tones and 3 volume levels on the screen.