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Door Knox Basic Video Door Entry Kit


System Q


1 Camera 1 Monitor


A low-cost Video Entry System that you can even Connect to a DVR!


  • Records Video or Images of Callers
  • Can Control Access to 2 Doors
  • Up to 4 Monitors Per System
  • Connect up to 3 CCTV Cameras
  • Connect a DVR to its Video Input
  • Integrate to DVR for Unlimited Recording

The VDP604 kit includes: 1 Door Monitor & Bracket (4” VDP204), 1 Door Camera (VDP101), 2 Camera brackets (angled & recess VDP101-BASE), PSU, leads, 10M Cabling Kit (VDP109), fixing screws & plugs and full instruction manual.

Use as a stand-alone system or integrate into the Alien DVR to record, control and remotely monitor with other additional features such as monitoring from a mobile phone!

DoorKnox is a low-cost but feature packed video door entry system. In its basic format it consists of 1 monitor located inside a property and a camera with a "call-button" on the outside of the property. When someone presses the call-button it chimes the monitor and the person who is inside the property can see the visitor. A two-way intercom then allows the occupier to chat to the visitor and if they choose to they can then remotely operate a door release to let the visitor come in. As a stand-alone system the SD card will record 2 minutes or 80 still images every time the call-button is activated, which can be played after the event directly from the monitor or from a PC.

You can buy all the components individually to create your own system or buy one of our starter systems and then add to it. 

To build your own system - First choose the internal monitor you like the look of whether it be the Mini 4inch one if space is tight or go for the Super 10inch one for extra image clarity. Once you have picked your monitor select which door camera suits the application you have in mind. Each monitor can work with 2 door cameras so you can monitor and control 2 separate doors or entrances. From your main monitor you can also daisy chain 3 more monitors for flexible control in other locations. So the maximum system is 2 door cameras and 4 monitors. 

Each monitor comes with its own power supply unit, so the only additional item you would need is cable (if you are not buying a kit). 4 core cable is a good choice as you only need 4 cores between the monitor and the camera. If you fit any electric door locks this additional wiring generally comes off the door camera itself. Please bear in mind, you can also add 3 standard analogue CCTV cameras to the DoorKnox via its 3 additional video inputs. A good choice of camera is the MiniRok due to its compact size, toughness and built in IRs. External components such as traditional CCTV cameras and Electronic Door locks will need their own power supply.