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System Q 8 Channel Alarm Relay Kommand and Control Module


System Q


Control Module


Control Building & Electrical Systems Using Timed Relays


  • Adjustable Timed Relays
  • Easy to Use & Configure
  • 8 Relay Channels
  • Up to 31 Modules per DVR
  • Control Lights, Gates
  • Creates Building Automation
  • PSU Supplied
  • RS485 & RS232 Input

Control building and electrical systems using the Kontrol & Kommand module and the alienDVR.The Kontrol & Kommand module allows remote control of third party electrical equipment/systems via the AlienDVR & our Free CCTVWindows software.

How it works - The CCTVWindow software sends "Kontrol" signals to the DVR that then forwards
them on to a Kontrol & Kommand module. Each K&K has 8 separate relays that the software can
control. The relays can be made to open or close for adjustable lengths of time, all programmable by
the user.

For example, you can send a signal via the CCTVWindows software to the DVR to open RELAY 1 for 2 minutes, you may use this to open a gate for a visitor. Or you may send a signal to RELAY 9 (second K&K module) to close for 3 hours which overrides a central heating controller so the building is all toasty when you get there. You might even trigger RELAY 3 to open for 9 minutes to trigger a siren because you have spotted intruders.

You can name each function and button in the software so that once it's set up and configured it's really easy to use.

The big benefit of the Kontrol & Kommand unit over the DVR's own relays is the ability to control the time each relay is open or closed for. You can even assign "groups" to the relays. Up to 31 K&Ks can be connected to each DVR allowing for great flexibility on installations in large buildings.

Summary — Adds many additional uses to control equipment and is perfect for a home/business automation interface. Literally opens doors for the switched on installer!

The same CCTVWindow software is used to control the VoiceOff module as well allowing you to trigger up to 9999 pre-recorded sound files that the VoiceOff can store. There’s no wonder it's the product of choice for many of the UK’s leading installation companies.

OEM Design

If you wish to control the Kontrol & Kommand module with other equipment (not the alienDVR) we can supply the list of serial commands used to trigger it.