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NiteDevil is the range of low light cameras from System Q. These cameras can capture colour images at much lower light intensities, mean less requirement for power-draining IR LEDs and the associated monochromatic images.


What is NiteDevil?

One of the main advantages of NiteDevil's lower light technology is there is no limit to the distance the camera will see (other than the lens that is fitted) as it uses the overall illumination of the area it covers rather than relying upon the maximum distance and spread of IR light.

In normal IR cameras, the IR is focused at a particular area and can highlight certain sections and that is, however the same area when viewed by the NiteDevil technology can see a much wider and longer scene. The NiteDevil camera is actually getting all the light it needs for this from moonlight.

How does the NiteDevil camera get great low light level images?

The advanced electronics in the NiteDevil camera allows ‘multi frame’ interrogation, effectively increasing the exposure time. This coupled with a high sensitivity CCD and a variable electronic shutter will allow the camera to obtain a picture where a “normal” camera would fail.

Picture quality, in poor lighting conditions, is maintained by the onboard DNS (Dynamic Noise Suppression) system. By reducing the level of noise that is visible in the picture higher levels of gain can be used to enhance the picture.

Having a wide dynamic range, allows the NiteDevil to operate in very difficult lighting conditions, such as night clubs.

To sum up, all of the features of the NiteDevil make it the “Go To” choice when it comes to picking a camera.