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System Q HumBloc Ground Loop Isolator


System Q




Fast Removal of Earth Loop Interference with the Humbloc Groundloop Isolator


  • Cures Humbars!
  • Great Problem Solver
  • Quad Technology
  • Quick & Easy Fit

We have developed our popular HumBloc ground loop isolators to work with the latest CCTV equipment. The HumBlocs now feature quad technology which means they’re compatible with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and analogue cameras.

A common problem many installers face with CCTV installations is earth or ground loop problems. Many CCTV installers have seen the classic symptoms of the rolling humbar or the tearing picture but don't understand the cause of the problem and the solutions to cure it. They may have even seen a small spark or felt a slight tingle when they disconnect interlinking cables from video recorders and other equipment; these are all signs of ground loop problems.

The low-cost HumBloc is a groundloop isolator that simply terminates ground loop currents in a cable and blocks the hum and interference carried in the ground loop. The Humbloc should be fitted between the camera and the input of CCTV equipment such as a DVR that it is connected to, ideally at the rear of the DVR directly into its video input(s).