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System Q AntiHum CCTV 24V AC Rack Mount Power Supply with 18 Outputs


System Q


10 Amp Output


240V AC To 24V AC 10 Amp Rack Mount Power Supply With 18 Outputs


  • 24V AC PSU
  • 240V AC Input
  • 1.1A Per Channel
  • 1.5U Rack Mount Case
  • 10 Amp Total Output
  • PTC Self Resetting Refuses

Rack mount power supply ideal for powering multiple devices. The 240V AC input is converted to 18 24V AC outputs with a total current output of 10A.

All our 18 way power supplies come with clever PTC self resetting fuses on every channel. If a too higher load is connected to any channel, that single channel will short until the load is removed. Once the load is removed, the fuse resets and the channel becomes usable again.