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MooBox 720P Wire Free Camera Starter Kit. Buy Now!




Fixed Lens
Wire Free IP Camera


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The Moobox is a unique, all-in-one security system, featuring a wire free, rechargeable, battery powered camera and dedicated recording device with a built in MicroSD card.

This powerful little camera provides all the features of a more expensive system, with a 5m IR range, a passive IR detector for monitoring movement, two-way audio and a 120° wide-angle fixed lens. This does not include the features that set the Moobox apart from any other system currently available, a rechargeble battery with a 4 month life span, a fantasticaly designed magnetic bracket allowing the camera to be easily positioned and detached for charging.

The tiny recording and charging hub, can be held in the palm of your hand and can connect to up to 4 Moobox cameras, comes with a 16GB MicroSD card and the 15 second motion triggered clips are automatcally uploaded onto a cloud server with a rolling 7day storage facility. The hub also acts as a Wi-Fi extender increasing the range at which you can position the camera.

The Moobox system comes with access to free downloadable app for mobiles and tablets, allowing quickand easy set-up along with the ability to log in and view your cameras live stream from anywhere with a wi-fi/3G/4G signal.

So, if you've been waiting for a fuss free, mobile friendly, cordless, all-in-one home IP CCTV system with no subscription fees or hidden 'optional extras' then Moobox is exactly what you're looking for.

We strongly recommend you peruse the FAQ on the Mooboxcam website, so you know exactly what you're buying.

Key Features

  • 100% Wire Free:- Place it anywhere stay free of wiring hassles
  • Live Streaming:- See live streaming video on your smart phone or tablet at any moment from anywhere
  • Two-way Audio:- Hear what's going on and talk back through your smart phone
  • Motion Detection:- High quality PIR motion sensor makes sure no movement will slip through
  • Night Vision:- See even in total darkness with built-in IR LEDs
  • Events Video Playback:- Replay archived clips of events on-demand
  • 120° Viewing Angle:- see more of every moment with a 120° wide-angle lens
  • HD Quality:- Stream live 1280x720 HD video without overloading your internet bandwidth
  • Super Long Lasting:- Run up to 4 monthes after one full charge
  • Local Backup Storage:- Store video locally and never worry about your internet going down
  • Rechargeable:- Long Lasting rechargeable battery takes the expense out of uninterrupted security
  • Flexible Powering Options:-  Use it wire-free or plugged in. Make your own choice