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EZVIZ Husky Air 1080P Wireless IP Camera with Siren and Strobe




Fixed Lens
12V DC
IP Camera


A 1080P full HD outdoor IP camera and alarm from EZVIZ. The Husky Air is a brand new idea from Ezviz, combining an alarm and camera into a single product. The Ezviz Husky Air can do all the tasks a normal HD IP camera can, but additionally has a siren and strobe light, so that when motion is detected in the field of view a full audio-visual deterant can be triggered. Take your home protection to the next level with this all-in-one security device!

Encased in an attractive IP66 dust and weatherproof housing, the EZ-HUSKY-AIR comes equipped with IR LEDs with a 30m IR range with an automatic cut-filter for 24hr round the clock capability. A 128GB MicroSD card slot provides on-board storage for added redundancy in case of network failure. With two Wi-Fi antennas, the Husky Air's Wi-Fi has a stronger and more reliable signal, increasing both the range and stability of the system.

The Husky features two-way audio and an easy to use mobile app that will alert you upon detection of motion. This will trigger recording and then allow you to interact with whatever triggered the alert:

  • -if friendly, have a conversation
  • -if a threat, trigger the 100dB siren and strobe and verbally warn the intruder 

Ideal for use outside homes, offices, small shops or for use in small external monitoring scenarios such as entrances and alleyways around warehouses, remote buildings on a property.

Key Features

  • Active DefenceRemote activated alarm system combined with two-way audio and instant activity alerts
  • Superior Image Quality: Full HD 1080P resolution with HDR catches every detail.
  • WiFi Operation: Two long range Wi-Fi antennas operate from distances up to 100m (300ft) clear sight.
  • Multiple Storage Options: Onboard storage, cloud storage, or Wi-Fi NVR. Choose the storage option that's best for you.
  • Weatherproof: Rated IP66 with full metal housing ensuring the Husky Air is always ready in any weather condition.

True-To-Life Video
See every detail in the best lighting with HDR, which automatically balances white levels for clearer video and images.

24/7 Security
The Husky Air provides clear video at night. Its night vision infrared sensors automatically activate when light levels are low for continuous security coverage; with up to 30 metres night vision.

Wi-Fi Ready
All you need to do for setup is plug in the C3S (Husky) and connect it to your WiFi using the EZVIZ App. This one simple App will work with all of your smart home EZVIZ devices.

See Every Detail
Take pictures, view and record real-time video in high definition 1080P.

Designed for All Seasons
The Husky Air has an IP66 rating, which means its dustproof, waterproof, and designed to handle a wide range of extreme weather and temperatures.

Share from Anywhere
The EZVIZ website lets you quickly share your favourite moments online, or with friends and family.

Choose Where to Record
With multiple storage options, you can choose where to save your video footage. Cameras can record to: Built-In SD Card Slot, Encrypted Cloud Storage, EZVIZ NVR. You can even record to multiple storage options at the same time, in case a camera is damaged or your network goes down.