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System Q POE100 ScatterBox PoE Extender


System Q


PoE Extender


PoE Extender


• Extend PoE runs up to 100m
• Supports 10Mbps/100Mbps
• Use 2 Extenders for 300m run
• No External Power Required

PoE network cable runs are usually limited to around 100m max. Our new ScatterBox PoE extenders can go 3x as far to create cable runs up to an amazing 300m.The small in-line units require no external power source allowing for a quick and easy installation.

The extender is connected to the end of a 100m max cable run to boost the power and data for another 100m. A maximum of 2 extenders can be used per run to achieve a maximum 300m PoE network cable run.

The PoE extenders can also be used with a single PoE splitter, to power non PoE cameras requiring 660mA or less on runs up to 200m.