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HikVision Pentabrid Turbo HD 3.0 DS-7308HUHI-F4/N 3MP (8MP IP Cameras) 8 Channel DVR



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Pentabrid DVR

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The DS-7308HUHI-F4/N replaces and updates the already high quality DS-7308HQHI-SH, and is able to utilise the latest in compression and recording technology. The DS-7308HUHI-F4/N gives access to 3MP HD-TVI recording @ 15fps, a resolution previously only available in IP systems. Yet, by using the new H.264+ compression codec maintains a reasonable bandwidth and storage profile despite the higher quality images.

The HUHI range of HikVision DVRs are compatible with all current CCTV formats and the DS-7308HUHI-F4/N is capable of recording 3MP resolutions on TVI, 1080p on CVI, 720P on AHD, D1 from analogue cameras, over all 8 channels, and 2 extra 8MP IP cameras can be added to the system to improve the overall surveillance even further.

With the steps forward in recording comes an equally big step forward in playback and access. Compatible with up to a 4K resolution HDMI output and a separate HDMI/VGA output with 1080P resolution the DS-7308HUHI-F4/N allows your recording to be viewed on the highest resolution equipment currently available and the addition of 2x USB 2.0 ports and 1x USB 3.0 port makes access to your saved files easier then ever. HikVision uses the F* in the product code to signify the number of internal SATA 3.5" interfaces the machine is equipped with. The DS-7308HUHI-F4/N is equipped with 4 interfaces, allowing up to 24TB of storage to be installed. (Please choose your required storage amount)

Key Features

  • Connect-able to HDTVI, AHD, IP, CVI & analogue cameras
  • Up to 10/18-ch 8MP IP cameras input
  • Long distance transmission over twisted pair cable & coax cable
  • H.264+ compression improves encoding efficiency by up to 50% & reduces data storage costs
  • 25fps recording at 2MP, 15fps recording on 3MP
  • Simultaneous HDMI 1 & VGA output at up to 1920 x 1080 resolution, and independent HDMI 2 output at up to 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution 
  • Smart search for efficient playback 
  • Accepts 3MP TVI cameras