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System Q MULE102/4 HD Mule (Sends 2 or 4 HD signals down 1 co-ax cable)


System Q




Send up 2 or 4 Cameras Down 1 Co-ax... now TVI, CVI and AHD Compatible.

HDMules Available:

There are two HDMules available - a 2CH and a 4CH. Both HDMules allow you to send RS485 down the co-ax as well as video signals. The 2CH mule uses one of the video inputs for RS485 but on the 4way it has a separate RS485 connector - so if you need to use RS485 and 2 or more cameras, use the 4CH mule.

Why the HDMule?

The new HDMule is an upgraded version of our original analogue-only mule but features greater transmission distance, easier set up and HD signal transmission from TVI, CVI and AHD cameras for maximum flexibility.On installations where you have only one co-ax cable installed, the HDMule makes it really easy to add extra cameras - it saves time, saves money and saves mess!

How do they work?

The HDMules work in pairs. The "TX" HDMule combines cameras images to send them down 1 single co-ax cable, the other "RX" HDMule then reconstructs the individual camera images at the other end.

Please Note - some HD cameras (TVI, CVI and AHD) use "up the co-ax" menu control, because of how the HDMules work this Co-axitron will not work through the mule, however on PTZ and similar cameras you can use the mule’s RS485 transmission to operate the camera.

Higher resolutions than the stated ones may work on shorter cable lengths but with so many variables involved like camera technology, distance, cable quality and frame rate, the maximum resolutions are stated for guidance. On most HD cameras you can adjust the output to suit and we suggest setting this to 2MP.

Requires 2x 12V DC PSUs (only included in 4 channel model)


  • 2/4 Camera Signals Down 1 Co-ax
  • Easy to Expand Existing Systems
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Sold as Pairs
  • No Need for Extra Cables
  • Multi-Signal Technology