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System Q HDMI Quad, 1080P - 4 Inputs 6 Modes


System Q


Image splitter and switch


Display 4 HDMI Outputs On 1 Screen With This Superb HDMI Quad And Multifunctional Switcher

The HDMI Quad is simple to use, just plug in your monitor to the HDMI output and choose up to four sources to connect to the inputs and that’s it! You could display 4 NVRS on one monitor or a mix of DVRs and SKY TV etc - it’s very, very flexible.

There’s also an auto-switch function, so the video feeds can alternate automatically if needed. Less cables and less hassle, all thanks to this top quality product!

Perfect for bigger businesses who want to monitor videos from different AV sources on one screen or need to switch quickly between sources, with no need to use multiple screens. The Quad comes with a remote control, which makes it even easier to switch between different video feeds as and when you need to.

The HDMI Quad is a great product for the professional CCTV installer, but is also perfect for use in a home. You can use the Quad to switch smoothly between your CCTV feed, Sky Box, or maybe even your games console. Fantastic for home cinemas or if you want to keep an eye on your CCTV feed while you’re relaxing.

6 Display Options - Customise Your Installation!

  • Quad
  • Full Screen
  • Switching
  • Collage
  • Main Monitor & Split Screen
  • Vertical Split


  • 1 HDMI Out, 4 HDMI In
  • Display Up to 4 Signals on 1 Screen
  • Built In HDMI Switcher
  • Remote Control Included