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System Q KVM Switch. Control your PC/DVR/NVR over a LAN


System Q




Send HDMI signals over a LAN even through switches with reverse mouse & IR control!

A KVM (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) Switch is a device that allows you to control one or more computers from a single keyboard and mouse and view them on single monitor. This is really handy when there is insufficient room for multiple monitors and keyboards, such as in a server room rack or on a small desktop or where you want to have the computer in a protected area but the monitor mouse and keyboard somewhere more accessible.

For CCTV applications the KVM is even more useful!

You can also use a KVM to control a DVR or NVR from a remote location. This means you can lock the NVR in say a server room, secure and out of sight but position a monitor and mouse in a reception area to control and view it. The KVM switch will even transmit IR signals allowing you to control the DVR with its IR remote control for maximum flexibility!!


  • Easy Set Up – Simply Plugs In
  • Works over 120M of network
  • Mouse & Keyboard Control of a remote PC
  • CAT5 & CAT 6 Compatible
  • Mouse & IR Control of a remote DVR/NVR
  • 1 Tx Can Transmit To Multiple Rxs