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System Q CNV300 ScatterBox Switchable Resolution HDMI to HDTVI Converter


System Q




Handy device converts an HDMI input to HDTVI


  • HDMI Input
  • 720 or 1080P Compatible
  • Wall Mount Case
  • HD-TVI BNC Output
  • HDMI Loopthrough
  • 12V DC Operation

Handy convertor unit that allows an HD-TVI signal to be converted from an HDMI output. Ideal for inputting an HD monitor output directly into an HD-TVI compatible DVR or other device. A switch allows the choice of a 720P or 1080P for further equipment compatible.

A functional metal case allows easy wall mounting for example behind a wall mounted monitor screen, simply power up the device using a suitable 500mA 12V DC PSU, connect the BNC input and HDMI output, select the correct HD output and it’s up and running.

An HDMI loopthrough works in tandem with the BNC (TVI) output for extra signal output options such as to an HDMI splitter for further distribution.

A red LED indicates the unit is powered up whilst a green flashing LED indicates when it is in operation with devices connected.