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System Q AMP101 TVI/AHD/CVI/CVBS 1080P Video Amplifier


System Q




Boost HD video signals on longer cable runs

Over long CO-AX  runs, the total cable resistance and capacitance can rise to values where they affect the video signal level and bandwidth. Whilst a standard monitor is quite forgiving and will reproduce a signal level as low as 0.7 Volt Peak-Peak, most other equipment and especially DVRs need a strong 1 Volt Peak-Peak signal level.

If the signal level drops too low over a long cable run, this can result in a “No Signal” blue screen being inputted to a DVR or rolling, tearing, B&W or just plain dark images  on a monitor.

It’s essential therefore on long cable runs to use a quality RG59 cable such as anti-hum with a solid copper core to maximise your results but if your cable run is longer, say 500+ metres, a video amp like the AMP101 can be  a great problem solver by boosting the video signal up for a staggering 1200 metre run.

The HD amp amplifies and equalizes the video signal, so by the time it gets to the DVR/monitor end it is restored to the levels it should be when a camera is connected directly next to it.

Compatible with HD-TVI, CVI, AHD and analogue video the unit is 12V DC and has small fixing lugs making it easy to install right next to a camera and share its power supply. 

Installing next to the camera means that a pure and crisp image is being amplified rather than a signal that may have picked up a little noise or interference along the cable run itself but the Amp can be fitted at the DVR or monitor end if camera access is limited.

TOP TIP -  it’s handy to measure the video signal on long cable runs using a test monitor with a built in video level meter such as LCD390.


  • Amplifies HD video over CO-AX up to 1200 metres
  • Video gain adjustment
  • Solves weak video signal symptoms
  • HD-TVI, CVI, AHD and Analogue compatible
  • Wall mount design for easy siting next to a camera
  • 12V DC (PSU required)
  • Amplifies video signals up to 1000 times!