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System Q AntiHum 8 channel RF Modulator


System Q




RF 8 Channel Agile Modulator with 8 A/V In and 1 RF Out


  • Easy Operation
  • Tuneable Output Channels 21-69
  • 8 Phono Inputs
  • LED Channel Display
  • Push Button Controls
  • Channel Memory

An RF modulator is a great way to get CCTV camera images on your TV system, using the existing aerial system already in place. It converts the composite video signal of a CCTV camera or DVR/Quad into an RF signal that can be fed into an existing aerial system and into the coax connection on the back
of the TV.

Many homes use a distributor that allows more than one TV to share the aerial so that you can watch TV in more than one room. If this is the case and you have connected the input from the modulator as in the diagram on the left,all the TVs in the home will be able to watch images from the CCTV camera. This is one of the big advantages of using an RF modulator. Now the UK is converting to digital TV this analogue modulator can be used easily without TV channel interference.

The CCT818 RF modulator can put up to 8 camera pictures on 8 separate TV channels.

Simply switch through the channels on your TV remote to see a diff erent CCTV image on each channel. The output can even be fed to multiple TVs on your existing aerial system. The CCT818 converts the composite video signal of a CCTV camera or other devices such as DVRs, Quads & switchers into an RF signal that can be displayed through a standard TV aerial system.

Suitable for analogue CCTV cameras.