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System Q Set of Baluns for a 4 camera System


System Q




4x 1ch HD Passive Mini Balun - Transmits 200m Down CAT5. Connects to camera end of cable

4x Pigtailed 1ch HD Passive Baluns - Transmits 200m Down CAT5. Connects to DVR end of cable

These two Balun designs combine to offer the best connection options; the mini bent Baluns allow extra room at the camera end, easily fitting inside camera bases. While the pigtailed Baluns ensure easy connection to the DVR leaving the BNCs easy to access.

Baluns contain small signal transformers that are specially tuned to match the cables impedance and convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced one in fact PASSIVE baluns just have the transformers and very little else in them.

The new ZENDit range of baluns have built in QUAD technology that make them compatible with both analogue and HD (TVI, CVI & AHD) video signals.

BAL702 HD Mini-Baluns

The BAL702 pair of passive mini baluns are ideal for transmitting analogue or HD CCTV footage up to 200m over CAT5.

The BAL702s feature a BNC plug for connecting to a camera and screw terminals for connecting a twisted pair/CAT5 cable. Each balun measures just 31x25x15mm!

As many new cameras are becoming smaller, this is leaving less and less room for Baluns to connect to the camera and remain tucked away out of sight within the camera's base, These mini-Baluns are bent and so small that is no an issue.

  • BNC Connection
  • Compact
  • Use with Analogue or HD-TVI, CVI, AHD
  • Screw Terminals
  • Up To 200m Range
  • No Power Required

BAL806 HD Pigtail Baluns

The BAL806 pair of passive baluns are ideal for transmitting analogue or HD CCTV footage up to 200m over CAT5.

The innovative 'Snap' together design allows multiple baluns to be connected to one another forming 1 block for a neat installation. Connecting the baluns in this way also saves time in the future as you will have an organised installation rather than mass of wires.

The BAL806s feature a pigtail BNC plug for easily connecting to a DVR or cameras, spring clamp terminals for quickly connecting a twisted pair/CAT5.

  • BNC Connection
  • Compact
  • 'Snap' Together Design
  • Use with Analogue or HD-TVI, CVI, AHD
  • Spring Clamp Terminals
  • Up To 200m Range
  • Transient Suppression
  • No Power Required