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System Q AntiHum Mini RG59+2 Cable, 100m Roll


System Q




Mini RG59 Composite Round Style With Small Diameter


  • Only 6mm Diameter
  • Power Cores 0.19mm x 16 Copper
  • Black or White Sheath
  • Two In One Saves Time & Money!
  • Easily Separated for Fast Install

If size matters then why not try our Mini RG59+2. It’s half the size of our standard RG59+2 so it’s great for covert use!

Perfect for installs where space is too tight for standard composite cable! Our Mini Composite cable is great for installations where the standard size is hard to run in or conceal. As you can see from our picture it’s HALF the size of our RG59+2!

AntiHum branded mini RG59+2 cable uses copper conductors for each of the power cores, TWICE the size of some of our competitor’s cores! This means using AntiHum cable, you can use it for TWICE the distance compared to our competitors before you get the same volt drop.

This cable is supplied in 100M rolls with a black or white sheath.

Antihum is the UK’s leading CCTV cable made popular by the industry thanks to its quality construction, here’s why:

  • Solid Copper Centre cores not inferior coated alternatives like CCS or CCA*
  • Glued foil sheaths (not loose) to prevent shorting on the centre pin
  • Supplied on wooden drums so not soggy card reels
  • Quality protective sheath resists cable damage

Did you know?

Copper is a better conductor of electricity than gold so it is the top choice. Aluminium is only 61% as good as copper so can be a real false economy to fit.