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System Q BAL250 AntiHum Ground Loop Isolating BALUN x2


System Q




1ch Passive Video Balun With A Built In Ground Loop Isolator

Baluns contain small signal transformers that are specially tuned to match the cables impedance and convert the unbalanced signal to a balanced one. PASSIVE baluns just have the transformers and very little else in them.

ACTIVE baluns have extra electronic circuits used to amplify the signals helping prevent losses and also filtering out unwanted noise.

On some PASSIVE baluns that carry video and data signals, the data “terminals” do not go through a transformer or any other electronics and are a direct electrical connection to the CAT5 cable. These “terminals” can be useful for lots of purposes including sending low voltage (5 or 12V) from one balun to another.

The BAL250 1ch channel passive balun has a built in ground loop isolator. It simply terminates ground loop currents in a cable and blocks the hum and interference carried in the ground loop. The BAL250 should be fitted between the camera and the input of CCTV equipment such as a DVR that it is connected to, ideally at the DVR end of the installation!

The BAL250 feature a a pigtail connection at each end one BNC socket and the other a BNC plug.


  • Pigtail BNC Connections
  • Up To 100m Range
  • 2 In 1 Design
  • Built In Ground Loop Isolator
  • Transient Suppression
  • Quick & Easy To Fit