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System Q AntiHum ProHD Twin CAT5e Cable


System Q




CAT5e Pro HD Twin for high speed transfers up to 1000Mbpss

Run out one cable and split in two when needed!

CAT5e cable has become increasingly popular for CCTV installations. It is easy to install and produces excellent results with clear video signals over considerable distances.

This CAT5e-CCTV cable has been jointly developed by ourselves and a major cable manufacturer to provide superb results in video signal transmission. Featuring quality copper cores, it can often outperform standard computer Cat5 producing a better picture quality over longer distances.

To make the cable suitable for most installations, it is available with either a black or white outer sheath so it looks right on either white or dark skirting boards or building fascias.

The cores are colour coded in a meaningful and engineer-friendly colour code as below:

  • Pair 1 - Brown & White
  • Pair 2 - Green & White
  • Pair 3 - Blue & White
  • Pair 4 - Orange & White

Whereas co-ax cables are classed as an "unbalanced" mode of video transmission, CAT5e twisted pair is know as a balanced mode. In this balanced mode, the two cores carrying the video signal are balanced to a particular reference point and the cable twists enable a uniformed rejection of interference, effectively cancelling it out. To produce a balanced signal, equipment known as BALUNs are used, standing for BALanced to UN balanced.
The CAT5e cable can be used for short distances without baluns but they do obviously improve the cable's performance resulting in a better picture quality.

This cable is rated "Low Smoke Zero Halogen" (LSZH), not just Low Smoke and Fume (LSF). Zero Halogen means the cable contains minimal amounts of hydrogen chloride (the toxic chemical that causes burns & ulcers in eyes and throat) within the sleeve. LSZH complies with building regulations by producing only small amounts of light smoke if burnt!

It utilises High Density Polyethelene (HDPE) Insulatation meaning lightweight, durable and flexible twisted pairs that resist external interference.

The cables Solid Copper Cores (SCC) offer 38% longer cable runs than CCA (Copper Coated Aluminium) as copper is a superior conductor of signals.

Antihum cable is supplied on wooden reels (not cardboard) so they don’t fall apart on the back of your van!

The cable is marked every 1m so you know how much you have remaining!

Cable is supplied in the following:

  • CAB420 (200m Twin Black)
  • CAB425 (200m Twin White)

Key Features

  • Designed to support 1000Mbps
  • Solid copper cores for better connections
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
  • Shotgun style cable
  • Less crosstalk than standard CAT5
  • Supplied on wooden drums
  • 200m Black Twin
  • Marked every 1m