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System Q 420TVL Internal PT Dome Camera


System Q


Vari-focal Lens
PT Dome


Mini Pan-Tilt camera fitted with a colour auto-iris camera for indoor use.


  • Small Compact Design
  • Indoor Ceiling Mount
  • Multi-Protocol
  • 12V DC
  • Colour Auto-Iris Camera
  • Attractive Design
  • 32 Presets
  • Low Cost

An indoor PT dome camera for budget applications, which incorporates a 4 - 9mm manual focus colour camera. The dome case is made out of heavy duty plastic for a strong and attractive appearance. It has a multifunctional decoder and an on-board processor for logic handling. The dome is easy to connect, install, maintain and operate. The dome is compact with a modern and appealing appearance and fits directly to a ceiling or overhead surface.
This is a basic model and only has a Pan and Tilt mechanism with a 4 - 9mm varifocal lens with no zoom facility. It does not have the capabilities of the advanced functions of the 300 and 400 series but does allow up to 32 preset positions and a tour option.

** The ExcelPTZ range as a whole **

The new excelPTZ range provides unrivalled performance at the lowest possible prices with a dome to suit everybody's budget and requirements. Based all around the same decoder electronics, once you learn one of the excelPTZ domes you've learnt them all. This makes installation fast and efficient. Integrated multi-protocol means the excelPTZ range will work with most other equipment on the market straight out of the box.

** Where would I use this dome? **

This is an internal dome and its ideal for shops and offices but please note as it is only a PT (Pan & Tilt) only it cannot zoom in on an area. It's a great compact and attractive dome that provides a quality product even on a budget. If you want the zoom feature please consider perhaps model PTZ120 or PTZ130.

** What can you use to control the dome? **

The domes can be controlled with either a keypad or directly by a suitable DVR. If the DVR that controls the domes has a remote monitoring facility that allows itself to be controlled over the internet, you will be able to control the domes from anywhere in the world! A suitable DVR for this kind of application is one of the DVR365 range. Several different keyboards are available to control the excelPTZ range. When referring to keyboards, "2-D" generally means the joystick lever can Pan & Tilt the camera. "3-D" means the joystick lever can Pan, Tilt and Zoom the camera without pressing any other keys. This means that 3-D keyboards give a better one-handed control over domes than 2-D keyboards. On a 2-D keyboard one hand generally is used to direct the dome and the other hand presses the zoom in and out button, the 3-D joystick can be operated all with one hand.

We have now produced two keyboards with a built in LCD's this means that the operator can control the dome with greater ease than before with greater eye and hand coordination. See products PTZ715 and PTZ720.

** What protocols can I use with this particular dome? **

All the ExcelPTZ range of domes uses the industry standard Pelco D&P plus extra ones. This particular dome can use the following list of protocols;

  • Pelco-D
  • Pelco-P
  • B01
  • ALEC

Note about protocol compatibility!

Whilst most features can be checked between different protocols many manufacturers bring in new features all the time and it is impossible to guarantee that the dome would be 100% compatible with every protocol feature. As Pelco-D is a more defined and mature protocol we recommend that this is what you use. We actually set the dome to Pelco-D 2400 as its factory default. Most DVR's and keyboards also support this common protocol so we strongly suggest you stick to it.